Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I am re-inventing this blog

I have not worked on this blog in months. Despite my neglet this blog gets more hits and generates more interest than any of my other blogs.

Obviously I am a poor Capitalist. I have not seen the opportunity here.

Expect update frequently.

I may take a popular route of examining Karl Marx on the internet. I have not decided what I will "cover."

I hope you enjoy the new Karl Marx Blog.

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Bernardo van Heerden Baez said...

Dear Romius

There are exciting topics to cover of Karl Marx.Your blog is great and in fact I am not surprised that you've been getting more hits as you said. Deep rooted and well-entrenched teachings of a GREAT MASTER ought to be given more exposure and more opportunity for general public participation.

We love your blog-keep rolling ahead poor capitalist ~!