Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Karl Marx

Marx was born today May 5th. Here are some links celebrating his birthday.



imperfect world

And here


Roberto said...

Hi brother,
contact me at
This is an marxists italian blog for marxists books.

coolhand said...

I'm doing research on Frederick Engels as a "Young Hegelian" and would like to know why Engels left Prussia for Manchester. I know he went to run his father's mill, but were the Prussian authorities after him? Did his parents "get him out of town?" Do you know who is the top authority on Young Engel?

Romius T. said...

Cool hand

I am not an academic I run this blog for fun. I don't know of many good books at all on Engels. the only book in my library is the life and thought of engels by jd hunley and he is listed as an officer in the air force so I am not sure what qualifications he has to write.

I would suggest as a great website to supplement your research if you are not aware of it.

my understanding of why he left was due to his journalism and revolutionary pratices and his criticism of the church and state.

I have read that engels to part in an armed rebellion against the prussian state. though how much he was really involved i am not sure. the prussian authorties were aware of his work with marx in paris in starting the newsletter and he was forbidden to write about politics.

I did read that engels had his way paid out of town by his father most likely but during that time period he did not receive a lot of money from his father.

(the life of engels by otto henderson is available on google books)

I am not sure who is considered an expert on engels.

perhahps this helped?
McLellan, David wrote a very small book on engels I have not read, but i read his treatment of marx and it is second to none. in under an hour you can learn everything you need to know about marx i reccomend the title
engels 1977 (fontanna modern masters)I believe it is out of print but maybe available online to purchase.

neo-anchorite said...

Romius, Last post in May - is it all over?
Just wanted to say "Bravo" for keeping the flame alive. Marxist bloggers seem very thin on the ground. It's hard to even find things like serious postmodernists.
Also wondering if your interests begin and end with the founding fathers of the movement. My own blog is trying to go back to the Frankfurt School and see how much ought to be kept on life support. If that sort of thing is of any interest you might like to nip over to


Anonymous said...

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