Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tony Blair asks : Marx: does he still matter?

"In a letter to former Labour leader Michael Foot, written in 1982 and published yesterday, Tony Blair reveals that reading Karl Marx 'irreversibly altered' his outlook. He even agreed with Tony Benn that Labour's right-wing was politically bankrupt. "

He then goes on to claim that Marxism tries to answer "all the questions" for you.

Nine commentators - including Mr Benn - whether Marxism still has anything to offer today."



duarte1 said...

HELLO MY FRIEND, I AM IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, well Tony Blair is a capitalist neoliberal. Most social democrat party preach structural reforms, political reforms, and re-distribution of wealth but when they get to power they shift to the right like Lula, Bachelet and Tavare Vasquez of Uruguay have done, well u have a cool blogger, have a nice day !!

Deus said...

That was the reason why Marx and Engels promoted the "Comunist Manifest". The upper classes, fearing the uprising of socialist movements, always proposed the "light" versions of socialism, like social democracy.
That's the reason for some parties like Portuguese Comunist Party never abandoned the class struglle issue.