Sunday, January 15, 2006

Debate, Relate, & Pontificate

Debate, Relate, & Pontificate a great new blog!

A place that hopes to do the things stated in the title over a plethora of issues, topics, non-issues, and non-topics.
"I hope that the simplistic and naive streotypes of Marxism do not influence you to a negative pretext. I am NOT a Marxist or Neo-Marxist (no that it would be so evil), and what I am reflecting on is from a social theory perspective, not one of political activism (although thats not a bad thing)."

Not a bad thing at all!


samrocha said...



Your endorsement is more than expected... I am humbled and flattered.

samrocha said...

Your link has been posted in my sidebar...

little-cicero said...

You might be interested to see Rocha's spirited and crushing opposition to my thoughts on Marxism. Feel free to do some crushing of your own over at my blog.