Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nazi or Commie debate on the Agoraphillia Blog

Visit this absurd posting on how Commies are as bad as Nazi's If not worse here... Agoraphilia

The post refers to the killings of millions of persons by the Nazi's and by governments (claiming at least) to be communistic. I find all the had washing of capitalists quite remarkable.

Yes, the Nazi's killed millions and yes so did the tyranny of governments that ruled in Russia for the last 500 hundred years. Stalin best of all. How this is Karl Marx's fault I can't care to venture. I suppose Jesus is to blame for the Crusades as well as Jerry Fawell.

Although the Black Book Of Capitalism hasn't been written...



What..what.. what...?

Um ...let's start with the genocide of the Native American population by way of Manifest Destiny. And the millions of Africans killed in the journey for slavery. (Oh yea, there was that whole slavery thing too once they got there.)

The Industrial Revolution swept in by the capitalists caused millions of deaths and many children to lose their fingers. Today hundreds of thousands of deaths still occur , due to managements refusal to abide by basic safety laws. Just about every major Fortune 500 company is a felon and has had to settle cases for hundreds of millions of dolars against them. Not to mention countless deaths brought on by business from cancers and pollution and a general refusal to internalize the true cost of a commodity. (This is a basic feature of capitalism found even in capital's Econ 101 books.)

And when capital or democracy feels threatened by communistic nations it starts wars in Indo-China [or the Persian Gulf] and kills millions of them to stop the red "threat." Millions of Asians got to pay the price in red as well.

Here was the first articel that I read that suggested that Karl Marx got "nothing" right:

That got me started and angry , I must apologize for this rant and we will resume are normal practice of reasoned critique Marx on my next post.


Hamel said...

Nearly every group occupying any space desirable to anyone other than themselves is guilty. Other than Eskimoes, is there a nation out there that wasn't the result of an unwanted conquest. The US? Of course. Europe? Every country has been invaded many times over. This goes back to warring tribes in both the Americas as well as Africa, Asia and Europe. War is a way of life, whether we like it or want to admit it.

Thanks for you post to my blog, even if I think the premise that language is meant to disguise is far too simple and broad and negative. Sure, many people use it to disguise and lie and cheat. I can't argue with you there. But to exclusively lie and argue and cheat? No way.

Thanks for the intelligent post. There aren't enough thinkers out there.

romiustexis said...

Just using a technique that I like ,(even when I have complained against it) taking a postition that is not defensible in order to provoke thought.

Anonymous said...

True, no country is innocent in this context. But what is being ignored in this post is the ability for capitolism to adapt for the better. While communism has failed time and time again. Capitolism has proven itself as superior. Even communist china has opened its doors and has taken steps torwards capitolism. It was a stiffled ecomomy until it did this. They will continue to grow as they incorporate capitolism into that society. The average person is much better off in capitolist economies than not.